Black Tea Benefits Introduction

Black tea is fermented from the baked, fermented tea leaves when oxidase in the effects of red oxide, become black. Black tea moderate character, mellow taste, in addition to containing a variety of water-soluble vitamins, trace elements is also rich in potassium, when 70% of the brew after the soluble potassium in tea. Potassium has the heart to enhance the role of the blood circulation and reduce the consumption of calcium in the body. As a result of black manganese contained in the bone structure is an essential element of one of the Changhe so strong bones of black tea could also be benefited. There are reports of foreign information, there are always drink black tea prevention and treatment of influenza, stroke and skin cancer.
Research shows that black tea contains a flavonoid compounds, similar to its role in anti-oxidants, can prevent heart disease and stroke. A recent U.S. study: every day to drink a cup of black tea with those who do not drink tea compared to the former than the risk of heart disease, which is 40%

Benefits of Black Tea

Black tea is a kind of fermented tea, originating from green tea after it is mixed, kneaded, fermented, dried and otherwise processed. The water of green tea is freshly green while that of black tea is orange red. Differences are not only skin-deep. What is more important is that black tea doesn\’\’t undergo the processes of steaming green or frying green, but is fermented. In the fermentation process, EGCG which is a powerful anti-oxidant, has been converted into other compounds. So some researchers assumed benefits of black tea are less than green tea. Is it true?

Does black tea have less benefits than green tea?

No evidences can prove that. Black tea contains its “private weapon” – theaflavins and thearubigens, which are also believed to provide health benefits. It\’s difficult to prove which is better.

What are the benefits of black tea?

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Black Tea Benefit – Prevent Cancer

Green tea has been proved to prevent cancer. It contains a compound named EGCG which restrains the growth of cancer cells by binding with enzyme, called dihydrofolate reductase. Black tea is different from green tea. It contains less anticarcinogenic properties in cell. Does it also prevent cancer?

Black tea also prevent cancer

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