Wu Yi Tea Reviews

After tried Wu yi tea for periods, I write my reviews and highly recommend as a weight loss tea. Wu yi tea contains the garcinia that actually works to supress the appetite. It is great tasting also as I have tasted many tea that I could not stand.

Usually I prepare two cups per tea bags. From my experience, here is how I prepare in office ( use hot water in water machine): One cup: steep the tea bag with in the first cup for 2-3 minutes and then save the tea bag (pull it out of water or take it out). The other: you may steep the tea bag as long as you wish. After doing this job, the annoying bitterness is completely gone. Only the sweetness lingered, with a hint like the sweetness licorie. For iced wu yi tea: I advise that preparing one cup of wu yi tea with 5-7 min steeping time and add ice cube.

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