Green Tea Introduced

Everyone is drinking green tea as their new tea of choice. People are drinking green tea on a daily basis because of its implications of improving your health. Just like coffee lovers need their coffee, green tea drinkers are committed to drinking their green tea whenever they are able to. Let’s show your the options of where to buy your own green tea and what the benefits of green tea are for you.

In the ancient times, it was believed the Chinese used green tea as a way to treat things as serious as Cancer. Green tea is known for its green tea flavonoids as it is very rich in bioflavonoids and is a main reason for its health benefits. You will hear the word “antioxidant” a lot in todays advertising, and flavonoids are thought to be an antioxidant compound. These ingredients are said to reduce the chance of developing cancer and even heart disease. Some body builders will also drink green tea or use its extracts to help with their training programs.

Green tea is virtually available everywhere now and can be ordered at all tea and coffee shops. Starbucks has it, and with the Venti size you can pick up a green tea with two tea bags in. All tea and coffee drinkers will want to buy and have their own to consume at home. Nothing beats having a relaxing cup of tea before bed time. The options you have to buy green tea for home consumption are either with or without caffeine. Any local grocery store or tea specialty shop will carry green tea and you can even purchase it at Starbucks. The other option for those living away from the city is to buy green tea online from a website. Buying the tea from an online website will allow you to ship various packages of green tea right to your door. This is a lot easier if the closest store is many miles away.

For more information on Green Tea and Tea in General you may want to catch up with the Tea Effect website to learn more benefits and other teas like the Chai Tea.

Wu Yi Tea Reviews

After tried Wu yi tea for periods, I write my reviews and highly recommend as a weight loss tea. Wu yi tea contains the garcinia that actually works to supress the appetite. It is great tasting also as I have tasted many tea that I could not stand.

Usually I prepare two cups per tea bags. From my experience, here is how I prepare in office ( use hot water in water machine): One cup: steep the tea bag with in the first cup for 2-3 minutes and then save the tea bag (pull it out of water or take it out). The other: you may steep the tea bag as long as you wish. After doing this job, the annoying bitterness is completely gone. Only the sweetness lingered, with a hint like the sweetness licorie. For iced wu yi tea: I advise that preparing one cup of wu yi tea with 5-7 min steeping time and add ice cube.

Of course I find some advantages of wu yi tea Read More »

Black Tea Benefits Introduction

Black tea is fermented from the baked, fermented tea leaves when oxidase in the effects of red oxide, become black. Black tea moderate character, mellow taste, in addition to containing a variety of water-soluble vitamins, trace elements is also rich in potassium, when 70% of the brew after the soluble potassium in tea. Potassium has the heart to enhance the role of the blood circulation and reduce the consumption of calcium in the body. As a result of black manganese contained in the bone structure is an essential element of one of the Changhe so strong bones of black tea could also be benefited. There are reports of foreign information, there are always drink black tea prevention and treatment of influenza, stroke and skin cancer.
Research shows that black tea contains a flavonoid compounds, similar to its role in anti-oxidants, can prevent heart disease and stroke. A recent U.S. study: every day to drink a cup of black tea with those who do not drink tea compared to the former than the risk of heart disease, which is 40%

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