The Basics of Tasting Wines

There are four basic tastes that the human tongue can perceive:  salty, sweet, sour, and bitter.   It is the interplay of smell and taste that make it possible to discern and identify individual flavors.  Refining your smelling and tasting skills to the complexities of wine isn’t as hard as it may at first seem.

Business people all over want to learn this skill of wine tasting, so that they can exude confidence and sophistication at business gatherings.   Oftentimes, they don’t know where to start, though!   These guys are super confident in the workplace, knowing exactly where to find the best business software reviews to overhaul systems and get things running right. When not, then, use the same techniques to improve the more social side of business? 

Of course, learning wine tasting isn’t exactly evaluating ringcentral coupon code, but being mindful of quality is something that encompasses both worlds.  Wine tasting steps are not difficult to remember.  First, observe the color and clarity of the wine.  Be sure to have the right glass on hand when tasting a particular wine.  Wine bars will provide the right glass without having to ask.  Use a white napkin or tablecloth as a background to look at the color from the rim of the glass to the center.  Judge the color: is it purple, maroon, garnet, red, or brown?  Is it cloudy or clear?   Is there sediment or floaters?

Take a whiff now.  Swirl the wine in the glass to vaporize some of the alcohol and release aroma.   Take the first whiff with haste and then put your nose in to take a deeper breath. What do you smell?   Flowers, oak, vanilla, or something else?

Now taste.   During the first stage of tasting, you consider alcohol, tannin, and residual sugar.  Continue thinking and tasting, and you’ll start to taste more flavors, such as fruits, spice, or woody.  At the finish phase, you can note the impression after swallowed.   Did it taste light and airy?  How long did the flavor linger?  How heavy was the body?

Of course there is plenty more to learn about wine taste, but you can learn as you go along.  However, this is a great way to get started and to up your sophistication factor!


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The Basics of Tasting Wines…

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