Wu Yi Tea Reviews

After tried Wu yi tea for periods, I write my reviews and highly recommend as a weight loss tea. Wu yi tea contains the garcinia that actually works to supress the appetite. It is great tasting also as I have tasted many tea that I could not stand.

Usually I prepare two cups per tea bags. From my experience, here is how I prepare in office ( use hot water in water machine): One cup: steep the tea bag with in the first cup for 2-3 minutes and then save the tea bag (pull it out of water or take it out). The other: you may steep the tea bag as long as you wish. After doing this job, the annoying bitterness is completely gone. Only the sweetness lingered, with a hint like the sweetness licorie. For iced wu yi tea: I advise that preparing one cup of wu yi tea with 5-7 min steeping time and add ice cube.

Of course I find some advantages of wu yi tea

1. Wu yi Tea promises a more youthful and radiant skin glow/2. Wu yi Tea help prevent some types of cancers3. Wu yi Tea promotes good oral health and minimizes the risk of plaque. Therefore, it gives you stronger teeth and attractive smile.

4. Wu yi tea stimulates metabolism and boosts up the body’s ability to burn more calories

The only serious negative is that wu yi tea possibly may be rich in caffeine. Some people don’t feel very well when they drink caffeine, but for most of people it just gives them more energy .


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